The Phantom of the Opera,rose by an Giuseppe Olando's idea,because this project can join together different musicians,linked from a big passion for Iron Maiden group,who want to play live,making all the emotions this great Heavy Metal group gave to million of fans in the whole world came true.
For us,to play in this tribute band means to pay tribute to a band we love and that was also one of the greatest band that has always inspired us as musicians.
Throught the years the band has been able to create a show with a great energy, passion and huge scenic presence. They’re known for their fine attention to details.
The band has been on many important clubs such as: Alcatraz,Arena di Mendrisio,Zoe.Music Drome, Mephisto,Woodstock,ecc.
In the band shows people can see the entire IRON MAIDEN
career which is also up to date with the IRON MAIDEN tour itself.
Now every member of this band is still active
in other bands or personal projects.

Current line-up is composed by:

Luca Zontini - Vocals
Giuseppe Olando - Guitars,Backing Vocals
Guido Genovesi - Guitars
Daniele Acerbi - Bass
Manuel La Commara - Drums